Help Save Our Country’s Landfills

Many fire service providers don’t refill or reuse Fire Extinguishers.  Extinguisher’s that aren’t refilled or re-pressurised are replaced by the fire service providers, and fire extinguishers at the end of their 5-year life cycle must be replaced, as outlined in AS1851.  A very large proportion of these fire extinguishers are committed to landfill.

Our Company, ‘Fire Extinguisher Recycle’, is dedicated to re-using the components of fire extinguishers, thus saving them from the dump.

Before the fire extinguishers are committed to being recycled, they are assessed – to see if we can refill and or re-pressurise the extinguisher and reuse it.  If it is not able to be reused in the first instance, we then strip the fire extinguisher down into its components: plastic items, powder, CO2, and metal components.  Our goal is to reuse in the first instance and then reuse the materials if refilling the fire extinguisher isn’t viable for use under AS1851 or AS2444.

Let’s reuse or recycle fire extinguishers and save our beautiful country Australia from more landfill

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