Our Objective

The fire industry has moved from refilling fire extinguishers which effectively extended the life of fire extinguishers, to replacing them.  Moving to Emergency and Exit lights that have become short term, throw away items.  Thus, increasing the flow of Fire Industry waste into landfill.

In 2023, some reputable fire asset suppliers are returning to the old ways, before the 2000’s, by looking for options to make their clients’ fire assets last as long as practically possible.

Fire Recycling facility has been created to assist the fire industry to reuse its fire assets by refurbishing fire equipment and recycling usable parts, thus diverting assets from land fill, and giving them a second life, in the Fire Protection Industry.

By reusing and refreshing usable parts we are helping to protect the Australian environment, and reducing the use of our natural resources, to create a better Australia for generations to come.

Assisting the environment isn’t a hippy trend but is a pragmatic and realistic approach to the growing waste issues. We must all actively look to reuse and recycle in the fire industry.

Do your part; play a role in the movement to change our planet for the better. Not only are you doing the right thing, in recycling fire safety equipment, but you are able to let your clients know that you care about the environment.

Our recycling facility will also benefit the community.  With the aid of Government Agencies, we will be able to offer positions to people with special needs.  Assisting them to gain transferrable skills and be a part of a movement that positively affects the environment. We promote an inclusive culture at Fire Recycling and look forward to strengthening our relationships in the wider community.

Be part of the change

Be part of a better future


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