Mine Site disposal

Mine sites can pose a different type of challenge for our team at the fire extinguisher recycling centre. This comes in the way of contaminants on the exterior of the fire extinguisher and environmental damage in the form of rust for example.

Our team can arrange pick-up utilising a purpose-built trailer to allowing wash down of the old fire extinguishers before leaving the mine site. Once the old fire extinguishers have been cleaned the fire extinguisher assets are moved to our disposal centre to be broken down into recyclable components.

In our experience old fire extinguishers can build up on a mine site, normally in a store area or sometimes out in an unused space. Our team can organise the washdown and pickup of these units to aid in lessening the damage to the environment in the way of accidental discharge into the atmosphere or into the soil.

To organise a consultation about your unique situation, feel free to call our friendly staff.

Mine Site Fire Extinguisher