We are helping the fire industry save the environment for the us and future generations.

2022 Statistics from various informational sites.

Australia Produces around 76 million tonnes of waste every year and that number is increasing.

Around half of all annual waste, 38.5 million tonnes are recycled.

Around 27% of Australia’s waste goes into landfill, some of this includes Fire Extinguishers, at the Fire Extinguisher Recycling centre, we want to do our part to reuse or recycle all fire industry related waste. Starting with fire extinguishers and working our way towards exit and emergency lighting waste otherwise known as E-Waste.

  • our goal is to eliminate Fire Industry waste.

Historically, the fire industry hasn’t had a great historical environmental record with Halon and Fluorine found in fire fighting components.

The change starts now with Fire Extinguisher Recycling Team and moving into the other wastes to help save our landfill and the great country we live in.

Do your part and help us save the environment.

With many big players in the Australia business environment pledging zero waste to landfill by 2025, we are only one part of a movement to save our planet.