Fire recycle certificate

To verify to your business or clients that you have ethically disposed of your fire extinguishers Fire Extinguisher Recycling provides a certificate for the number of old fire extinguishers processed.

This certificate is in place with Department of Environmental Sciences to show that our process and licensing is genuine. The recycling and refilling of fire extinguishers are important to Fire Extinguisher Recycling and we want to show Australia that saving or disposing of an old fire extinguisher is worthwhile.

Where does all the fire extinguisher components go when recycling?

Most of a fire extinguisher is metal, normally, mild steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminium. Each metal is separated, cleaned, and sorted into appropriate bins to be melted down.

Plastics make up the remainder of the fire extinguishers and can be broken down into seven types of plastics depending on their type. For example, the anti-tampers used on a fire extinguisher are treated differently to the hose found on a typical fire extinguisher. These plastics are sorted, cleaned, and sent to other Recycling processing facilities around refineries in Australia for use again.

Fun fact is that fire extinguisher hoses can be granulated and used in road base.

The active ingredient in fighting the actual fire for example is the powder found is an ABE fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher is vacuumed out and the powder placed into a sealed storage bin which is sent to be refined into fertilizer and used by farmers.
This is an example of other uses the ingredients of a fire extinguisher can be used for.

Help us save the environment from overfilling our landfills and have your old fire extinguishers reused or recycled.