Fire Extinguisher recycle certificate

To see if a fire recycling facility is licenced is looking for an environmental License. However, this licence number won’t show all the information that the licence has to perform to. For example, many Australian Recycling Facilities hold an Environmental licence. Each recycling facility must supply information in processes, machinery, waste specific to the type of recycling that is performed.

Fire Recycling Centre holds an Environmental Recycling licence specific to the fire industry, P-EA- 100463005 is the licence issued specifically for the fire industry licencing. As advised by the government assessors, this facility is the first of its kind in Australia.

The importance of using a facility that is licenced in specific fire industry recycling means not only peace of mind, but also you are recycling properly. Some recycling firms claim to recycle fire equipment and only partially recycle or send the equipment offshore. This not only is best practice but environmentally damaging. The aim of recycling is to lower the environmental impact, not create more emissions by sending the extinguishers offshore.

2018 China announced and implemented its National Sword initiative, which banned 24 recyclable commodities and limited allowable plastics. This meant that China wanted to take the broken-down components of equipment into reusable recyclable that could be utilized to remanufacture products.
Australia is on a similar pathway with the 2019 National Waste Action Plan. Phasing out unnecessary plastics by 2025. Recover 80% of all waste by 2030. This is a massive plan to adjust the way our economy and lifestyle has previously worked.

Fire Recycling Centre is looking to do its part for the fire industry. Recycling fire extinguishers isn’t overly exciting for most of society; however, your old fire extinguishers excite our team. Breaking down a fire extinguisher, de-gassing the fire extinguisher and pulling the inner works apart is great fun.
Being excited about recycling in the fire industry is one thing. Licensing of recycling fire extinguisher shows that our team is professional, licenced and willing to be open with the government to processes in performing the breakdown of fire equipment to the recycling stage.

We urge you to use a licenced Environmental business which specialises in fire extinguisher recycling for example over a business that claims to recycle but can’t show what happens to the recycled components.

For peace of mind and also for compliance, the Fire Recycling Centre will provide you with an environmental certificate to show that you care about Australia’s waste problem as much as our team.