Exit and Emergency Lighting Recycling

Various brands, models and unique exit and emergency lights are installed in Australian businesses and some houses. With a warranty period ranging between 12 months and 72 months, this leaves a reoccurring waste problem for exit and emergency lighting.

Many exit and emergency lights have an option to replace battery in the units. Unfortunately, this is not always cost effective with AS2293, given the standard requires a 1.33 test period for replacement of exit lighting batteries. With the cost of the battery, freight, labour, retesting and a risk of a motherboard or charger card failure, means this option is not always viable. Results in large volumes of Exit and Emergency lights ending up in land fill.

Is there a better option?

Fire Recycling offers an alternative for exit and emergency lighting to that of being dumped in to landfill. Be part of the solution by helping to redirect old emergency and exit lights from Australian landfill and ensuring the reusable materials are put back into the circular economy.

Send your exit and emergency lights to Fire Recycling to help the environment and in return we provide a certificate on request for your clients.

Our certificate shows that you are an active fire service company in the recycling space and care about the Australian environment and our future generations.

At our fire recycling centre for exit and emergency lighting, we accept all different types of safety lights.

Some examples from smaller types in the industry to the larger commercial styles including:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Electrical cable
  • Spitfires
  • Ceiling mount emergency lights
  • Wall mounted exit lights
  • Blade lights
  • Weatherproof exit lights/ emergency lights
  • Cinema shaded black lights
  • Jumbo exit lighting

These are some of the exit and emergency lighting found in the industry and all recyclable by Fire Recycling.

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