What happens when a fire indicator panel reaches the end of its industrial life?

Many fire panels have a limited life span.  The life span of a fire panel is dictated by technological advancements, like our phones or computers.  A fire alarm panel is basically a computer that in some cases can be programmed and has many functions, relevant to the buildings’ fire matrix requirements.

So, what happens to a fire detection panel when the panel has a failure and is required to be replaced?

The team at the Fire Recycling facility recommend recycling usable components and recycling the parts that are no longer of use.

For example, a fire panel normally has a couple of batteries, if not more. Cards that still operate, even though the rest of the system might not work, the metal surroundings and the battery boxes; all of which are recyclable.

  • Can fire Recycling sell me a card for a Fire Panel, where they are no longer being manufactured?
  • Yes, Fire Recycling would test the cards we receive and where they are in good working order, we would sell these to Service Providers to replace cards in working panels. We would rather see usable equipment be used in fire panels, than added to landfill.
  • How do I find out if you have a card available?
  • Call our centre and we will investigate this for you.


Fire alarm panels also come with old fire alarm detectors, at the Fire Recycling centre we are also happy to assist in dismantling optical smoke alarms and thermal fire detectors.

Our aim is to reduce landfill in all aspects of the fire industry.

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